Elite Classical Ballet Program

Launched in 2013, the “Dynamite Premiere Academy Elite” program. An invitation only structured syllabus, designed to nurture selected children’s talent and ability, and also to strengthen and improve their technique. The children who participated in the program over the past three years have demonstrated great improvement in their technique, strength, flexibility, balance, understanding of ballet terminology and more.

This Classical Ballet only program now boasts seven students who have been accepted into The Australian Ballet Interstate Training Program.

This sort of syllabus requires the children to be committed and disciplined, they will all benefit enormously from more time in class. Their inclusion in this will be reviewed on a term by term basis to ensure that we have their full dedication. The student’s will still be required to attend their RAD classes and jazz/modern classes in addition to this.


Prior Experience
By invitation only

Clothing & Uniform

Leotard colour of choice  
Cross over for winter  
Theatrical pink ballet tights (socks are not to be worn)  
Pink Leather or Satin ballet shoes with ribbons Demi pointe/Pointe shoes with ribbons where applicable 
Dynamite embroidered merino wool All in One (optional) can be worn in limber 
Dynamite tracksuit and Bag must be worn to and from class 

Shoes available from www.spanglesdancewear.com.au

Hair in slick classical bun

Immaculate grooming is expected.




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Uniform & Clothing

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