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Watch your little one twirl around the room, bouncing with happiness and beaming with joy dancing to the music. With teachers who praise their success and cherish their progress, week after week their confidence blossoms. Their smile shows that a lifelong love of dance and musicality has begun, lots of marvellous props to engage with . A bespoke program curated especially for our youngest dancers. 

Pre Primary Ballet & Primary Ballet RAD Syllabus

The Pre-Primary and Primary dance syllabus was developed to help children learn critical thinking, self-confidence, and social, emotional skills through a dance course that is artistically and developmentally appropriate for their age and appealing to young children. The aims of the syllabus are to improve motor development by helping children to become more skilful in natural dance movements, improving their physical fitness, and promoting self-expression through movement. Cognitive development is fostered through learning movements, developing creative skills, and learning musicality and sensitivity in response to music. Self esteem and self-confidence are also developed in an environment that enables children to become independent and co-operative learners. The program encourages creativity by engaging the students in planning exercises set to musical pieces and to express emotion through story telling. By making children feel good about what they are doing, we help to nurture a good self-esteem.

Grade 1 Ballet – Grade 5 Ballet RAD Examination Syllabus

Continues the study of rhythm and spatial awareness while adding more complex technical ballet steps and patterns. At this level students may be entered into a RAD exam. They must be attending two lesson per week to be eligible.

Through regular weekly classes, we provide our young dancers with a valuable opportunity to develop confidence, creativity, technical ability, co ordination, stamina, strength to prepare them for the RAD Vocational Examination process. 

Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 2 RAD Examination Syllabus

Greater artistry and techniques are emphasized in these major grade classes. It is around this level that dancers make the transition from children’s work to professional training, although in many cases there is some overlap. Pointe work is included for girls, but some children may not be strong enough for this at the time major work commences. This must be left to the teacher’s discretion.

These classes will pay attention to fine details, use of the upper body, breath of movement and expression as well as an increasingly advanced repertory of steps. Students who participate in two or more classes per week will have the opportunity to do an exam.

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Adult Ballet 

Non Syllabus Adult Ballet for all levels


Prior Experience
No requirements other than a willing to learn.

Major exam classes by previous experience. Please contact the office if you are uncertain.

Adult ballet is all levels.

Clothing & Uniform

Please see below.

Most items available at Spangles Dee Why

Please ensure that your child has outerwear over their leotard travelling to and from studio.

Please leave all jewellery and watches at home. Small earrings are allowed.

No set uniform for Adult Ballet Class - comfortable ballet or workout attire and ballet flats

Slick Classical bun with hair net , hairspray and pins


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Uniform & Clothing

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