Terms & Conditions


  • All fees are due prior to commencement of term unless by prior payment plan arrangement with the office.
  • As the situation for the COVID-19 Pandemic is continuously changing, classes registered for 2022 covers classes that are are taught “face to face” or in “virtual studio” and beyond into 2023.
  • All fees are non-refundable. If your child’s fees remain outstanding once term has commenced, your account will be forwarded to our debt collection agency for further action. All agency costs will be added to your account.
  • There will be no refunds for classes missed due to holidays or other sporting or family commitments or due to change of mind.
  • If your child misses class due to illness or injury, they may do a make up class, providing there is space in the class and that you have arranged it prior to the class with Dynamite Premiere Academy staff. The inability to secure make-up classes due to Covid-19 or any pandemic restrictions are not refundable.
  • If you are unable to pay fees prior to term commencement, please contact the office to make arrangements.
  • Fees are to be paid by credit card via the Dynamite Premiere Academy Website portal.
  • No refunds will be issued due to DPA’s inability to run face to face classes due to enforced shutdowns. DPA will commence running online classes in the event of a forced Government closure. All students will be transferred to the online platform for the duration of the closure for the paid term.


  • If any classes are missed due to a household covid case and subsequent isolation, a make up class can be done. There will be no pro-rata fees or credits to compensate for missed classes.
  • Classes registered for 2022 cover  "face to face" classes or in "virtual studio" classes.
  • The inability to secure make-up classes due to Covid-19 or any pandemic restrictions are not refundable.



  • All students are required to perform in the end of year production in both matinee and evening performances. Due to COVID –19, an end of year production is not guaranteed however.
  • Costume hire for the end of year production will be invoiced in Term 4. You must notify the office at commencement of Term 3 if your child is not participating in the concert, otherwise full fees and costume hire will have to be paid.
  • Costumes will not be issued until all accounts are finalised.
  • All hired costumes must be returned to Dynamite Premiere Academy on the night of the concert. Failure do so will incur the complete cost of the costume.
  • Some junior grades will be required to purchase their costumes outright at a cost TBC. They will be able to keep these costumes.
  • All Eisteddfod Performance Students are required to buy their costume outright. If your child’s costume is hired from Dynamite Premiere Academy there will be a hire fee.
  • All students are required to attend ALL rehearsals leading up to the concert.
  • To preserve the intellectual property of our creative teachers, all choreography taught by Dynamite Premiere Academy teachers and contract teachers remains the property of Dynamite Premiere Academy and may not be used without written permission.



  • All classes are subject to change. We aim to operate classes as per the timetable as published, however there may be instances where changes are required due to fluctuations in demand, illness or government regulation and/or restrictions. No guarantee is made that classes will run per the timetable. We will communicate any changes to anyone affected prior to the date classes commence. 
  • All students must be appropriately groomed for class and in the correct uniform. This is located on our Uniform List.
  • Classes are closed to parents/family. We have an open week at the end of Term 1 and 2  where you can view your child’s class. Do not enter a studio unless you have spoken to a Dynamite Premiere Academy staff member as it causes distraction to the students. When classes are in the Virtual Studio, we also encourage parents to relocate to another area of the house to allow the students to concentrate.
  • Teachers are only available to supervise your children in the allocated class time inside the studio. We are not responsible for your child outside class times.
  • All students participate in dance activities at their own risk. Dynamite Premiere Academy teachers are not responsible for any injury or accident that may occur during class. Dynamite Premiere Academy strive to provide a safe and caring atmosphere.
  • Physical teaching contact between teachers and students may be necessary at times.
  • All students may be photographed and videoed for use on any advertising material and/or concert DVD
  • Dynamite Premiere Academy has a very high NO Zero Tolerance bullying Policy, which includes social media, verbal or physical. Dynamite Premiere Academy also has in place a zero tolerance to publicly discrediting Dynamite Premiere Academy or any teachers, students, parents and office workers on any public forum. Instant dismissal from Dynamite Premiere Academy, and legal action will commence.


  • Participation in Dynamite Premiere Academy can involve the risk of personal injury: While Dynamite Premiere Academy takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the dance studio.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your child is physically and medically fit for Dynamite Premiere Academy and during their time at Dynamite Premiere Academy they must take care of their own personal safety at all times.


I acknowledge that the activity my child is to undertake can be a dangerous activity and that by participating in it they are exposed to certain risks. I acknowledge and understand that whilst participating in such activity:

  1. a) They may be injured, physically or mentally, or may die
    b) Personal property may be lost, stolen or damaged
    c) Other persons participating in such activity may cause them injury or may damage their property
    d) They may cause injury to other persons or damage their property
    e) The conditions in which the activity is conducted may vary without warning
    f) They may be injured, die or suffer damage to my property as a result of breaching this contract
    g) I assume the risk of and responsibility for any injury, death or property damage resulting from their participation in the activity.


I participate in the activity at my sole risk and responsibility. I release, indemnify and hold harmless Dynamite Premiere Academy, its teachers and staff, from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever.



Statement of Our Commitment

Dynamite Premiere Academy is committed in providing a centre whereby children can dance free from harm, danger and abuse. This Child Safe Policy is our commitment in ensuring our centre, staff and volunteers maintain a child safe environment complying with the obligations under the Care Act. 

Children’s Participation

Dynamite Premiere Academy understands that building a relationship on trust is the best way of having children and young people communicate concerns of feeling unsafe. We encourage all students to share their concerns and will act upon these wherever possible. We respect the views and suggestions that students and young people express. Our objective is to ensure our centre and community is safe for all children and young people.

Ensuring We Have The Right People In Place

At Dynamite Premiere Academy we ensure that all staff have been screened in accordance with standard set out by The Department of Human Services. New South Wales has introduced stronger, more effective, and transparent screening laws for people working with children. The new laws mean that, from 1 July 2019, everyone working or volunteering with children must have valid child-related screening. These screening must be updated every three years or when they expire prior to any contract renewals.Dynamite Premiere Academy also hold staff training each term to ensure Teachers are reminded about Child Safe policy and the steps and procedures required to ensure children or young people in our care are free from harm or abuse.
All staff receive a copy of our Child Safe policy and are required to sign off on our Guiding policy and Code of Conduct each year.
Staff are also directed to further external site for more information
Child Protection & Wellbeing 

Child Protection (working with children)

Free online SMART (Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma) Learning package, developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation

Reporting or Responding to suspicion that a child or young person may be at risk

Dynamite Premiere Academy  has instructed all Staff to follow processes set out for mandatory notifiers. For this reason we have created our policy to notify any suspicious behaviour of abuse or Neglect. Staff have been instruction to report any suspicious behaviour in the first instance to Principal Melissa Bateup. Staff or a director will then report the incident or suspicion to the Child Abuse Report Line on 13 21 11 as soon as reasonable practicable. If we believed a child or young person is in immediate danger a report will be issued to NSW Police on 131 444

Any individual being investigated and/or charged for an offence relating to abuse, neglect or harm or any serious criminal offence relating to a child or young person will be requested to vacate our centre. This restriction will stay in place until such time as the individual in question is cleared. Dynamite Premiere Academy will continually monitor these situations and work in conjunction with the Child Abuse Helpline to best manage the situation to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

It is not the sole responsibility of Dynamite Premiere Academy to be vigil in identifying suspicious behaviour around Child abuse, neglect or harm. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure our community whether it be internal or not is safe for children and young people. We encourage our community to work together in creating and maintain a safe environment. Should anyone feel there is a concern it is encourage that they contact Child Abuse Report Line on 13 21 11 as soon as reasonable practicable. Should anyone not feel comfortable doing this please speak to one of our staff members. If anyone person believes the abuse, neglect or harm is being carried out by a staff member or volunteer associated with the studio we urge that this be reported immediately to Principal Melissa Bateup for a swift response and intervention.

It is important to remember that even if a report is made that child or young person, immediate family or the notifier may need further support.

Harassment and Bullying

At Dynamite Premiere Academy we agree to uphold the principles of equal employment opportunity and maintain a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, workplace bullying and victimisation for all staff and to all that visit or attend our centre. We take these matters very seriously and encourage any individual or parent/career to report incidents to the classroom teachers. If the matter involves the teacher we request the matter to be raised with Principal Melissa Bateup for a swift response and intervention.

Policy Review

This policy and any subsequent policy will be reviewed annually. We do this to ensure we are ensuring the safety of children and young people in our care. We also are aware of legislative changes that continually amend and alter the action required or our responsibilities.


This policy is available for review on our webpages at any time. Should a parent or career request a hard copy of this policy or our policy on How to identify and Report an Incident of Child Abuse, Neglect or Harm they are requested to speak with our Office Manager Melissa Enright. Your request can be in person at our front desk located at Unit 1/95 Darley St Mona Vale, Sydney, NSW 2103

Alternatively you can email info@dynamitepa.com.au for a copy.

Code of Ethics

This code has been devised by leading representatives of Australia’s studio teachers to inform the public of the ethical standards expected by the profession of its practitioners.

  1. Clearly defined aims should be stated by studio principals, setting out the broad goals to be achieved by the school. A similar set of objectives should be stated which outlines the benefits a pupil can expect to receive through the teaching staff’s conscientious implementation of them.
  2. Studio principals should ensure that their school is capable of providing any of the services claimed.
  3. Studio principals should employ teaching staff with the experience, knowledge and/or qualifications required by the levels and techniques to be taught. Student teachers should be trained and supervised to ensure maintenance of the school’s teaching standards.
  4. Studio principals should provide appropriate assessment procedures and should ensure that students and parents receive or have access to advice when necessary.
  5. Studio principals should conform to sound business practice.
  6. Studio principals and individual teachers should ensure that classes are of a size appropriate to the levels and techniques being taught. Students in each class should be of compatible age and standard if possible.
  7. Studio principals and individual teachers should ensure that facilities provided:
  • Conform with minimum safety and space requirements
  • Have suitable flooring, with a safe surface designed and constructed to minimize risk of injury.
  1. Individual teachers should use adequate and flexible teaching skills to creative a productive learning environment. Individual teachers should:
  • Strive to foster a love of dance
  • Demonstrate professional attitudes, including punctuality, reliability, and responsible care of students
  • Strive to develop self discipline and self motivation in students
  • Encourage and support the individual in class and performance
  • Transmit general concepts of movement in addition to those of a particular dance style
  • Strive to develop in the students an appreciation of the characteristic style of each specific technique taught.
  1. Individual teachers should recognize the role of dance in the development of the whole person. They should also seek to recognize and develop each student’s potential, whether it lies in dance or in related fields, and offer appropriate guidance for further progress.
  2. Individual teachers should endeavour to recognize physical anomalies, modifying the teaching and seeking medical advice when necessary. The teaching and choreography must be anatomically safe, and teachers must be prepared to deal with medical emergencies.
  3. Individual teachers should take responsibility for seeking further knowledge in all aspects of their work.

Individuals will only be permitted to try a free class, if the class has vacancies. 
Places will only be held for 7 days in the lead up to participating in the free trial class.
Individuals will only be permitted to try a free class, if the class is deemed suitable for them by Dynamite Premiere Academy staff. This will be in accordance with the students age and/or experience. The class must be booked in via the website portal.

Any student wishing to enrol at Dynamite Premiere Academy first complete a registration form. This form is available on our website, www.dynamitepa.com.au/register

Participation in a class is not available until the class has been enrolled into either by payment of the full term or by booking a trial class.

Where a class has reached maximum capacity, students will be placed on the waiting list. 

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to update DPA with any changes to personal information that was previously provided via the portal.

Students may apply for entry into the Eisteddfod Team at Dynamite Premiere Academy.
Suitable students will be offered an audition. Audition dates and times are set out by DPA
Auditions will provide staff with the opportunity to evaluate the student and therefore determine the most suitable class level for the student. 

Successful students will be enrolled for one calendar year only. Students must re-apply annually.
Successful candidates may be placed onto the waiting list, if the required program level is full.

Parents/guardians are responsible for communicating absences with DPA office.
The DPA office must be notified in advance if a student is going to be absent from class. This can be done by emailing info@dynamitepa.com.au or calling 99188841.
Eisteddfod students are expected to attend all classes. When notifying of an absence, a reason must also be given. 
Where a student is injured, they are expected to attend the class to observe. 
Students who do not attend regularly may be withdrawn from classes, sections of routines, or routines entirely.
Students should not engage in external activities that may affect their ability to attend their DPA classes.
Attendance at compulsory rehearsals is compulsory. Where a student does not attend, they will be withdrawn from the group, class, and/or routine immediately.
Attendance for Eisteddfod performances and competitions is mandatory. When a competition or performance is missed, the student will be withdrawn from the routine, class and/or group immediately.

All fees are inclusive of GST. Fee prices can be accessed through Website Portal.

Fees are invoiced by the term. The full term invoice must be paid, regardless of the number of classes the Student wishes to attend (or actually attends). There will be no refunds, credits, or transfers if the full term isn't completed.
Please see Fee section above for more information relating to fees.

If a student is a no more than 5 minutes late to class, they are expected to apologise to the teacher however still able to participate. The student will be reminded not to be late next time.
Should the student be 5-10 minutes late, they are expected to apologise to the teacher. They may be asked to observe and take notes without physical participation, due to missing out on the classes introduction and/or warm up.
Should a student be more than 10 minutes late, or cause a disturbance to the class with their lateness, they will not be permitted to participate in the class. 
It is appreciated that students/parents advise the DPA office if they are aware that they will be late.
Students who are regularly late to a class, may be advised to withdraw from the class.
Where a student is too late to participate or attend a class, a refund or credit will not be provided.

The uniform set out by Dynamite Premiere Academy is compulsory for all students, excluding Adult classes. The set uniform must be worn to all classes. 
Students, who do not wear the correct uniform to class, will not be able to patriciate in or observe the class. 
Uniform items that have been cut, are ripped or torn, or damaged are not permitted in class.
Where the student cannot participate due to not being prepared with the correct uniform, the class will not be refunded or credited.
Parents are to be strongly encouraged to affix name tags to all items of uniform.
All items of uniform are available from Spangles in Dee Why
No jewellery may be worn with the exception of small studs.
Hair is to be worn in a bun for Ballet classes, and tied up into a secure style for any other genre. 

Parents/Guardians must have a valid email address and contact phone number.
Important information, invoices and newsletters will be emailed to the parent, at the provided email address.
It is the responsibility of at least one parent/guardian to read newsletters and emails that are sent from DPA, to keep informed.
The DPA website will include current information, available to parents and guardians.
Communication involving children will be directed to the parent/guardian.
Digital communication should be restricted to studio matters only.
Digital communication must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person.
Digital communication must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person.

Communication of concerns or queries must be directed to the DPA office. The appropriate staff member will be contacted, and staff will then respond to the parent.
Teachers are not available during or in-between class time to discuss matters or answer queries.
Parents are encouraged to seek feedback and assessment of their child. The process to do so is to contact our office to request feedback. This can be done by emailing us info@dynamitepa.com.au Please do not request feedback more than once every 6 months, unless special circumstances are involved.
Parents and teachers should not seek access to each other’s profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook etc.
Parents and teachers should not communicate via email, phone or social media. All communication should be passed through the DPA office.
Parents and teachers are not to pass out private contact information.
Indecent or inappropriate language or communication by either party must be reported to DPA

Students are encouraged to seek feedback and assessment from their teacher. Please understand that the teacher may not be able to dedicate class time to such conversations. Teachers will try their best to accommodate the student’s request or pass information through the DPA office.
Students and teachers should not be communicating privately through social media platforms.
Students and teachers should not communicate via email or phone. All communication should be passed through DPA or take place during class time.
Students and teachers are not to pass out private contact information.
Indecent or inappropriate language or communication by either party must be reported to DPA

It is a conflict of interest to attend more than one studio. It is expected that students show 100% loyalty to their studio, teachers and fellow class mates. Students must obtain written permission to participate in external dance classes or events. This excludes those advertised by DPA, where approval is automatic.
Where a student has permission from DPA to participate in an external class, workshop or event, the parent/guardian must ensure that the students can still fulfil their DPA commitments.
Students are permitted to dance at their Primary and Secondary schools, as long as these commitments don't conflict with their DPA commitments or restrict the student from being able to commit 100% to their DPA commitment.

Students/Parents are not permitted to video or photograph classes, students or staff at anytime, unless given permission by the staff or individuals involved. Photo's of children should not be posted on social media platforms without the permission of the parent/guardian.
Annual showcase, performance and/or competition videos are not to be posted on public websites such as YouTube or Facebook, without DPA’S permission.
Photography and filming of theatre performances is strictly prohibited.
Backstage may use photographs/videos of the students to promote the academy via flyers, website, social media and advertising. .
Staff are not to film, photograph a student without permission from DPA. Staff are not permitted to share photographs or videos of students without the permission of DPA and the parent/guardian involved. Parent/Guardian permission is via your child’s registration.

DPA have set up and will maintain safe dance environments for their students. The studio flooring and equipment used enable and ensure safe dance practices.
Appropriate emergency procedures exist, and staff understand the procedures relevant to their location.
DPA staff have the responsibility and authority to ensure that health and safety objectives are achieved. They will identify and eliminate unsafe acts, procedures, conditions, equipment, and hazards of all kinds.
Behaviour from students, parents or visitors that may cause an unsafe environment, will not be tolerated.
It is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to inform DPA of any prior or current illnesses or injuries prior to enrolment or prior to class.
In the event of an injury, DPA will administer First Aid treatment by a qualified first aider. If medical services are necessary and an ambulance required, the student/parent will incur the costs. Physical contact may be required.
Parents/Guardians must be responsible for minors before and after class times. DPA will not provide supervision to minors outside of class time.
Students are not to wait outside the premises. No student (under 18 years) is to wait outside or leave the Premises unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.
DPA MUST be notified of any allergies that a student may have. DPA will not be held responsible for allergic reactions outside of class time, however first aid will be provided.
Emergency evacuation maps are located around the premise.
Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets are located within the premises. 
Any student who has been diagnosed by a Medical Practitioner as being at risk of anaphylaxis should bring an EpiPen to class and leave it at reception, labelled with their name. This EpiPen will be administered by a first aider if required, under the instruction of 000 staff if an emergency arises. 

All students much hand sanitise when arriving at the studios and when leaving and adhere to our COVID-19 safety plan and any current Government restrictions applicable on day of entering the studio.

Food and/or drink is not permitted in the classrooms, with the exception of a water bottle. 
Food and/or drink is not allowed in the foyer.
DPA request that nuts are not brought on the premises, however cannot ensure that the premises is 'nut free'.
The possession or consumption of illicit or non-prescribed drugs or alcohol is not acceptable at any time.
Parents, students, volunteers and/or employees must not arrive at DPA or any event representing DPA, impaired by the effects of illicit drugs or alcohol.

Where an injury occurs, the student will receive treatment from a qualified first aider. Physical contact may be required.
In the situation where an ambulance is required, an ambulance will be called by DPA. The parent will incur these costs.
Where an injury occurs, the student’s parent/guardian will be contacted by DPA using the contact information given on the students registration form.
It is the responsibility of the student/parents to notify DPA of any previous or current injuries.
Any injury sustained whilst training or performing in a competition or promotion will be the responsibility of the student/parent. No costs will be incurred by DPA.
Injuries that occur on the premises will be recorded on the Incident report form.

DPA does not tolerate swearing, indecent or disrespectful language, defamatory comments, or indecent or disrespectful conduct from students, parents/guardians, family members, or visitors. 
Any individual who demonstrates any of the above will be asks to withdraw from DPA immediately. This behaviour includes at the Premises or outside of the Premises, social media or on the internet.
Negative communications between parents and/or students will not be tolerated by DPA. Where negative communications take place, the parents and students involved will be asked to withdraw from DPA immediately. This includes at the Premises or outside of the Premises, social media, or on the internet.
Any person who does not comply with DPA Terms and Conditions will forfeit their position at DPA and, to the extent permitted by law, will not be entitled to refund.

The following will not be tolerated in person, via email, via text messaging or via the internet; Verbal abuse or shouting, Physical Abuse, Excluding or isolating a person, Psychological harassment, humiliating a person through sarcasm, criticism or insults, Ignoring or belittling a person’s contribution or opinion.
Where any persons feel that they are the victim of bullying, they should discuss the matter directly with the person/people concerned and request an end to the behaviour. Should this approach fail or be inappropriate, the victim can contact the DPA office for assistance is resolving the matter.

Physical contact between a teacher and student may be required to demonstrate, correct or assist with dance class.
In the event of an injury, physical contact may be required between a First Aider and injured student or visitor.
Any inappropriate or indecent physical contact between staff, students or visitors of DPA must be reported immediately.

If WE (Dynamite Premiere Academy) have to cancel a class, registrants will be notified in advance and fees paid will be refunded or credited.

No refunds will be issued due to DPA’s inability to run face to face classes due to enforced shutdowns. DPA will commence running online classes in the event of a forced Government closure. All current students will be transferred to the online platform for the duration of the closure.
If a student/parent cancels a class, there will be no refund or credit given.

Where a student wished to withdraw from a class or from DPA entirely, written notice is required.
There will be no refunds or credits for withdrawal from classes.

In case of an emergency staff will alert all persons with the sound of a whistle and/or air horn.
Staff will direct and advise all persons to move safely to the nearest exit
Staff will then direct all persons to the muster point at the front of the studio, or an alternative safe area.
A grievance is a real or perceived cause for complaint. 
Dynamite Premiere Academy recognises that open communication and feedback are essential elements of a satisfying and productive environment. Every effort will be made to solve problems cooperatively and informally before presenting them in writing as a formal grievance. Students can be assured that they will not be disadvantaged by the use of such procedures whether decisions are found for or against their grievance. The first step to raising a complaint should be with the reception staff. Should you not be satisfied, a formal avenue can be taken. To raise a formal complaint, your complaint must be put in writing and dated.
All formal avenues for handling of grievances will be fully documented. All complaints and questions will receive thoughtful consideration and will be discussed with the individual who raises them. Discussions held are confidential.
At any time, the student or parent have the right to withdraw their grievance. It is requested this is dated and put in writing.

For the safety of our students, staff, and visitors, we kindly ask that all those attending DPA adhere to the following:
Be mindful of the nature of DPA and that it involves a sizeable amount of children. Please allow extra care when in the car park.
Please only park in marked car park spaces.
Please DO NOT block driveways at any time.